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Automatic AAC Block Machine

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Automatic AAC Block Machine
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Like SANKON semi automatic block making machine, the automatic AAC block machine is also manufactured using German technology and Siemens electronic components. However, it is more efficient and less labor intensive.

Specifications of Automatic AAC Block Machine
Annual output: 50000 cubic meters, 100000 cubic meters, 150000 cubic meters, 200000 cubic meters, 300000 cubic meters, it can also be expanded based on customer's specific requirements
Raw material: sand or flyash

Generally, the electric control panel and spare parts are in wooden or iron package, while main body of big size equipment is unpacked. SANKON automatic AAC block machine can also be packaged in accordance with customers' requirements.

SANKON block making machine is guaranteed for one year. Installation, commissioning and operator training services are also available.

Our company is a China automatic AAC block machine manufacturer, specializing in a great variety of AAC machine.
Located in Wuxi City, we at SANKON are provided with convenient transportation by not only water, but also land and air. Moreover, the abundant raw materials and labor forces here can help reduce our production cost. If you are interested in concrete panel machine, block making machine, dry mortar equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are fully confident that our products can well meet your needs.

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