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AAC Block Equipment, Dry Mortar Equipment manufacturer

AAC Block Production Line, Cutting Machine, Autoclave, Dry Mortar Production Line

AAC Block Equipment, Dry Mortar Equipment manufacturer

JIANGSU SANKON CONSTRUCTION AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a China based AAC block equipment and dry mortar equipment manufacturer. We manufacture a wide range of building material machines, including block making machine, concrete panel machine, dry mortar machine, and more. We also provide a complete line of components for AAC machines, like pouring mixers, autoclaves, cutting machines and tilting hangers.

  • Cutting Machine
  • Cutting Machine The cutting machine is very easy to install and maintain as a result of its simple structure. The cutting and running are controlled by the same device...
  • Concrete Panel Machine (AAC Panel)
  • Concrete Panel Machine (AAC Panel) The AAC panels made by this machine are a precast building material that provides light weight, high durability, great thermal efficiency, easy workability...
  • Autoclave
  • Autoclave The autoclave is a critical component of AAC machine. It is primarily used for curing aerated concrete blocks or panels under high temperature and high pressure...
  • Semi Automatic Dry Mortar Machine
  • Semi Automatic Dry Mortar Machine The mixing system of the dry mortar equipment can be equipped with high efficiency coulter mixer, double shaft mixer or other types of mixer...
  • Seperating Machine
  • Seperating Machine SANKON separating machine of AAC equipment is designed to separate AAC blocks or panels layer by layer to avoid sticking, which helps improve...
  • Mould, Side Plate, Hardening Car
  • Mould, Side Plate, Hardening Car The components of AAC machine shown here are mould, side plate and hardening car. The mould and side plate are used to hold material slurry which is solidified...
  • Packing Conveyer Chain
  • Packing Conveyer Chain SANKON packing conveyor is a component of AAC machine. It is used to convey finished AAC blocks or panels to the specified location. The packing...

SANKON products are built with the reliability, safety and environmental friendliness our customers have come to expect from us. In addition, they have a large production capacity. Our AAC block machine can produce 50000 to 300000 cubic meters of AAC blocks every year and our dry mortar equipment can produce 5 to 30 tons of mortar every hour. The concrete blocks and panels produced by our AAC machines have many advantages, such as being light weight and offering great thermal insulation, fire resistance, and easy workability. As a result, our products are increasingly used in new construction of residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings, and many other applications.

At SANKON, we place great emphasis on quality. We have complete production facilities, including lathes, planer, drilling machine, plasma flame cutting machine, welding machine, and more, which enable us to execute any processing procedures ourselves that are likely to affect our product quality. In addition, we strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system and provide employees with frequent training to improve their skills, which further guarantee the quality of our block making machines and dry mortar equipment. Our cooperative relationships with technical institutes also assist us in making improvements to our products. As a result, we are able to provide high quality AAC panel machines and dry mortar machines to customers all over the world.

At SANKON, we strive to satisfy customers by providing building material machine which is both high quality and economical. To achieve this, we purchase materials directly from raw material manufacturers, in order to avoid any middle-man expenses. Additionally, many components used in our AAC machines are produced in our own factory, which reduces our production costs. We are located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, which is in the Yangtze River Delta economic zone. Here we have access to convenient transportation and abundant resources, which greatly reduces both our production costs and our customers' international shipping charges. These factors enable us to provide high quality AAC block machine and dry mortar equipment at economical prices.

We back up all of our AAC machine and dry mortar machine with complete service, and all of our products come with a one year warranty. In addition, product design, installation, commissioning, operator training and OEM services are also available.

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